Mythology, symbolism, and popular culture have depicted the elephant for more than a millennia. The elephant is also praised for its size, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, and loyalty.


Questions to Inspire

Here are some questions to expand your learning of elephants:

  • How is an elephant like a mammoth? (History of Paleolithic Times and Science)
  • Why were the Romans so afraid of Hannibal? (He was riding an elephant - Roman History)
  • Why is the elephant important to Hindus?  (Religion & History)
  • How many tons is an elephant? How many pounds is a ton? (Math)
  • Where do elephants live? (Geography)
  • Read Rudyard Kipling's "Toomai of the Elephants" and "The Elephant's Child" (Literature)
  • What is the biggest land mammal? (Science)
  • How can you be like an elephant?  (Character Development - cooperative spirit & loyalty)


Video Instruction: Ellie the Elephant:


Directions on how to build a Brackitz Elephant or you can download them here.


elephaant pg 1

elephant pg 2

elephant pg 3

Looking For More? 

Here are some more builds that you can make with your Brackitz set!

Build a DOG

Build a BIRD

Build a DRAGON

Here is a short video about the Brackitz elephant, Ellie and her friends!




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