Brackitz Pulley Crank Assembly & Spool Instructions

Brackitz Pulley Crank Assembly & Spool Instructions

Pulleys are used to lift heavy loads by use of mechanical advantage by increasing the length of travel of the pull and decreasing the load. With the addition of a spool and crank handle, you can create a way for the Brackitz pulley system to work for you. 

Many of the Brackitz pulley systems like the Elevator Crane, the Pulley Drawbridge, and the Archimedes Crane use a crank handle and spool to wind the pulley string.  

Building the Pulley Crank

Brackitz Pulley Crank Handle Pieces:

Crank Assembly pieces



Video of the Crank Assembly:


Spool & String Attachment

Create a small loop at one end of the string:

close up of string loop

Attach the loop on the string to the hook on the spool:

Close up image of the string on the hook of the spool

Video of the Crank Assembly, spool, and string attachment:



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