Build a BIRD

Build a BIRD

Birds come in all shapes and sizes, from the Bee Hummingbird to the flightless Ostrich.  Some are beautiful to hear or to see.  Some blend into their surroundings so that they are easily hidden.  Birds live on every continent and are fascinating to study.

Inspiration Points

  • How many miles do your backyard birds migrate every year?  Where to they migrate?  When? (MATH, ECOLOGY)  To learn more about backyard birding, go to and take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count
  • Who are the characters of the folktale Chicken Little? (Five are birds: Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, and Turkey Lurkey. The sixth is Foxy Loxy). (LITERATURE)
  • Learn about what engineers are learning from birds. (ENGINEERING, BIOLOGY)


Brackitz directions for building a bird

Looking For More? 

Here are some more builds that you can make with your Brackitz set!

Build a DOG

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