Video Tutorial: Brackitz Pulley Crane Digger

Video Tutorial: Brackitz Pulley Crane Digger

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes. A crane is a machine that is equipped with pulleys and cables that can be used to lift and lower materials upwards and also shift them horizontally. They are commonly employed in the construction industry and in the manufacture of heavy equipment. 

A basic crane utilizes several of the simple machine designs. In order to lift the large load, a counterbalancing load must be placed behind the crane so that the crane does not tip. This is similar to the principle of the fulcrum of a lever which is the center of balance between the input and output force in a class one lever.

In this video see how you can build your own crane with a fulcrum to lift heavier objects.

Detailed Crank Assembly and Spool instructions

Detailed Simple Bucket instructions



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