How to build a zipline with bucket and assembly

How to build a zipline with bucket and assembly

  Ziplines have been used to move goods and people for centuries.  A zipline is a cable that is suspended above an incline.  A zipline uses gravity to move heavy objects.  Brackitz ziplines are a great way to add flying to your play! 

How to set up a zipline:

  1. Anchor a string from one end of a stable structure (like a chair, doorknob or Brackitz build) to another at an incline.  Make sure that there is enough tension on the string to support the weight of the zipline bucket.
  2. Run the string through the two pulleys (red and yellow pieces) and attach the pulleys to the Brackitz plank.
  3. Add more Brackitz to the bucket assembly at the top of the pulley to provide a counter-weight for whatever you add to your bucket.  Please see video below for more instructions on how to create the assembly.  
  4. Bring your bucket to the top of your string, let go and watch it FLY!






Questions to Inspire

  • Have you ever ridden on a zipline?
  • What is gravity?
  • What can you put in the bucket?
  • What happens when you increase the incline of the string?  Decrease the incline?




Close up image of the string and pulley:


Brackitz pulley


Brackitz pulley close up zipline

girl playing with a zipline pulley



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