Brackitz Building toy image with 4 wheels

Build a 4-wheeled ATV

You can build a four-wheeled ATV!

Brackitz Driller

Build a Driller

Build a mechanical driller. 
Brackitz Gyrocopter build

Gyrocopter Instructions

You can design the wheels and build the propeller. 

Build a Teeter Totter

Build a Teeter Totter

Build your own teeter-totter and experiment with balance or as a scale.
image of Brackitz building toy trolley

Trolley Instructions

Brackitz Trolley or one-wheeled wheelbarrow can be built with any of Brackitz Driver Series.  Wheelbarrows can be designed...
Brackitz Building Toy Complex bucket instructions

Complex Pulley Bucket Instructions

By adding pulleys to the top of the bucket the mechanical advantage is increased, greatly reducing the amount of force needed...

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