3 Crucial Articles on Improving Spatial Reasoning and Skills for Math and STEM Education Success

Boy builds Brackitz structure.

Why Spatial Reasoning Is Crucial For Early Math Education

We are big fans of KQED Mindshift--signup for their emails. As usual, MindShift provides a practical outline of why spatial skills are so crucial for success with mathematics and STEM achievement. An important point made in this article is that educators and parents can start very early in a child's life through intentional spatial play. What this does is build a culture and foundation for enhanced learning throughout their lives.

12 Easy Activities To Boost Kids' Visual Spatial Intelligence

Parenting for Brain has put together a big list of activities and tips for improving spatial skills to enhance math and STEM success. This is your practical go to as a parent or teacher.

Spatial Skills: The Secret Ingredient to Children's STEM Success - PBS

This article from PBS Parents is a great go-to article because it reviews research findings on spatial skills learning for enhanced math and STEM success. From there the author quickly moves into different ways to improve spatial skills in the classroom or at home.

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Spatial Intelligence



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