Growing Student Minds and the Growth Mindset with Brackitz Building Toys

Boy learning how to play with Brackitz toy

For 2019 we have decided to spend more time sharing a "Behind the Scenes" look at the Brackitz team and our processes.  We are eager to share the thoughts, ideas and general happenings at Brackitz so we decided to start early! 
To kick this off we wanted to share our big-picture outlook and mission that guides us up to the mountain of decisions required to bring Brackitz to your living room and classroom:  Growing Minds.  Growing minds has always been the value that Brackitz delivers.  This idea became crystal clear when I recently read the excellent book Mindsets by Carol Dweck. Her book validated my long-held belief that our internal motivation and hard work are greater determinates of our success than simply nature (or God) given intellect.  This is an outlook I frequently encourage myself and my family to take.
After finishing the book, the idea of a "growth mindset" versus a "fixed mindset" starting showing up everywhere I looked. Funny, how the spread of an idea propagates through increased awareness. The first article I saw was a blog post by Sir Richard Branson on how critical a growth mindset is for the entrepreneur. The approach of being excited about trying, failing, learning and trying again is required for anyone that is innovating or starting/growing a business. The second time the "growth mindset" hit me was during a recent interview with Goldman Sachs for their 10,000 Small Business educational program. The key factor for their interview process is whether or not a person is "coachable". In other words, will they listen, embrace advice and have a "growth mindset."
The third event that struck a "growth mindset" chord with me was in an article titled "Building a Tinkering Mindset in Young Students Through Making". Tinkering as you might expect is a growth mindset activity. A person imagines a goal or idea, grabs some stuff and begins tinkering to find a solution. This process is defined by trial and error. You only make it through if you are willing and excited to learn. Generally, I have a "growth mindset". How else could I have seen through the many trials of inventing the Brackitz connecting system? I love challenges and learning. A degree in Economics and then Geology along with courses in Computer Science, Finance, and Bioinformatics are evidence of the growth mindset inside me.
Of course, every day in a small business is an opportunity for growth.  Most important to the Brackitz team is that we not only have a growth mindset (we need this to thrive) but that we create products that encourage a growth mindset for our customers--this is the basis of our mission. Brackitz does not have set models or lengthy how-to instructions. The essence of Brackitz is to provide flexible building toy systems that foster the creative freedom for kids (as young as 3) and adults to build what their imagination comes up with. The fluid process of trying, learning, trying again is possible with Brackitz because there are no fixed, snap-like connections. The Brackitz connect-anywhere system can be adjusted in countless ways. This makes inventing and revising an easy and fun growth experience for everyone. It is all about growing our minds.


-Chris Cochella, Inventor of Bracktiz

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