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Hey teachers! We hope you’re enjoying your summer break and getting some well-deserved rest. And maybe, just maybe, you’re getting to play a little bit, like your students are.

We all know that learning through play is the most enjoyable way to learn and playtime is being decreased in schools.   It’s a win-win! You get to have fun while learning something useful. So, think about this: Brackitz engineering toys can provide that kind of experience for your students in the classroom. As you’re planning your lessons for the fall, consider adding Brackitz educational building toys to your STEAM curriculum.

These innovative engineering toys not only fall into the realm of STEM education, but they are just plain fun! There are wheels, axles, pulleys, cranks, and much more that can be turned into literally limitless creations.

Plus, the Brackitz system comes with detailed lesson plans specifically designed for different grade levels, that help teach kids about math, science, art, and engineering in a way that makes abstract concepts much easier to understand, while also encouraging social-emotional learning.


For instance, the lesson plans for the younger grades focus on helping “our Gingerbread friend” design appropriate transportation for his needs. In the older grades, the students get to explore inventing 3-D structures and characters. Click here to see some example lesson plans And check out our recent blog post about how learning through play encourages imagination and creativity, problem-solving, and self-expression. Take a look at our Instagram page (and don't forget to follow us ;) for some examples of what our Brackitz boys and girls have created! Click here for another great resource from Harvard University about learning through play!

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