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Grant Writing Tips

If you have never written a grant proposal, it might seem intimidating.  Here are some tips to make it a little more approachable. 
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Brackitz Pulleys Redefine Your Classroom Engineering!

Our exclusive Brackitz Pulley sighting confirms that the popular engineering building toy is doing some heavy lifting in the engineering world!  
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cool science radio

Cool Science Radio Interview with Brackitz Founder Chris Cochella

Brackitz Founder Chris Cochella was interviewed on Cool Science Radio about the STEM educational benefits of Brackitz building toys. 
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Five Ways to Recharge This Summer

...educators need to recharge during the summer so they are raring to go when school starts in the fall.
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Creativity and Education

At Brackitz, we think a lot about what creativity is because we work to make building toys open-ended that lend themselves to children's creativity...
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Spatial Skills : How to Grow Young Minds Into STEM-Ready Thinkers

Typical classrooms are not equipped to recognize and support the learning strategies of visual-spatial thinkers......
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Learning Through Play

We all know that learning through play is the most enjoyable way to learn......
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problem solving with brackitz

What Does Problem Based Learning Look Like?

"..PBL is effective at the elementary level and that it promotes deeper learning so essential to later life." Buck Institute for Education. 
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boy being creative with Bracktiz

Creativity: The Missing Ingredient to Developing Well-Educated Thinkers

"Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status." Ken Robinson
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3 Great Thinkers On Creativity - And What Their Words Could Mean for Our Education System

If we shift our focus to instilling a creative style of learning and expression, we’ll end up with a happier and more effective workforce ...
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