The Benefits of Spatial Skill Development in Children

The Benefits of Spatial Skill Development in Children

..spatial aptitude was the bridge between an individual possessing basic symbolic math skills...
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Brackitz creation.

4 Ways to Implement Construction Systems in the Classroom

Using construction systems in the classroom is about more than just having fun.....
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Brackitz Connector.

What is Spatial Intelligence?

People who are gifted at spatial reasoning can see things in their mind’s eye and manipulate objects in their imagination.
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Girl building Brackitz structure.

Video Reaction: Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools Kill Creativity?

“It’s education that’s meant to take us into a future that we can’t grasp”.

Sir Robinson 

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kids building Brackitz together

Real World Problems Have More Than One Answer: How Problem Based Learning (PBL) Prepares Kids for Their Future

“Young people in school today will be joining the workforce tomorrow. But are they being prepared for success in the 21st-century work environment?”

Education World.

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boy building with Brackitz

Key Problem Based Learning (PBL) Strategies for Young Learners

Students are not only introduced to facts while solving the problem, but they remember them because the facts are no longer a collection of random information......
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student building with Brackitz

4 Nations the USA Could Learn From When it Comes to Creativity in Education

...we can elect to take a path of inspiring individual creativity, reaching our same educational goals in a more effective and gracious manner.
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Girl playing with Brackitz building and learning toy

Brackitz and STEM – a Perfect Classroom Fit

The STEM program originated as a governmental effort to produce future employees able to compete in these fields in the global...
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Brackitz learning toy for kids with autism

SEL and Autism

Building games and activities allow them to be creative and use their disability and talent of imagination to communicate by building.
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What is Social Emotional Learning?

What is Social Emotional Learning?

The research overwhelmingly shows the linkages among SEL, student outcomes, and school performance. This is a method used throughout our schools to help support self-control and responsible decision making through fun and...
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