6 Creative Ways to Use Brackitz Construction Systems in the Classroom

Teacher describing how to use Brackitz to a student.

As education expert Sir Ken Robinson states in his now famous TED Talk, we’re living in a time where we’re educating children for careers they’ll be retiring from in the 2060’s. Yet technology and society are advancing so rapidly that “nobody has a clue […] what the world will look like in 5 years time”. In order to prepare students for a future so uncertain, it’s important to integrate creativity in education. This gives students an opportunity to develop their creative aptitudes so they can innovate and adapt to the changing job climate once they graduate.

In order to see our students succeed in being creative, they need opportunities to practice being creative. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of construction systems such as Brackitz.

Let’s take a look at a few of the creative ways we can incorporate construction systems like Brackitz into the classroom across all of the core subjects.


Elementary schools are introducing their students to engineering principles, hoping to inspire a life-long interest in STEM fields.  Math class is an excellent opportunity to use Brackitz as instructional manipulatives to teach Math concepts. For example, you can have students use Brackitz components to build geometric shapes. Once complete, the shapes can serve as tactile visual aids, allowing the students to get a feel of the shape as the teacher asks questions about the shapes’ properties such as a number of sides, relative sizes of the angles, and so on.


In English classes, Brackitz can be used to create diagrams of scenes or solve problems your students are reading about in class. Students can build scenery and characters, and use them to re-enact the scenes. This gives them the opportunity to practice their language and memorization skills and also immerses them in an imaginary world that improves empathy and creativity.  The Brackitz Structures Classroom Building Set and lesson plans bring creativity, language, SEL, and memorization to any classroom.  


Science & Engineering

In science and early engineering classes, Brackitz can be used to create interactive parts that demonstrate concepts such as leverage and gravity through the assembly of pulleys to move various weights such as with Brackitz 721 piece Structures, Wheels & Pulleys Set that comes with free downloadable lesson plans for busy teachers. Kids can build vehicles out of Brackitz and send them down slopes of different lengths and grades.

Social Studies

Like in English classes, Brackitz can be used in social studies to create diagrams of the events discussed, allowing children to experience historic and current events as if they were happening right in the classroom. Consider building models of Roman water canals or a castle. When immersed in this manner, children have more fun, retain the information better, and develop a greater capacity for creativity as well as an improved spatial awareness is correlated with future success in STEM-related careers (Rubio, E. I., Bassignani, M. J., White, M. A., & Brant, W. E. 2008).


If you want your students to get engaged in creating art without a making mess, Brackitz is the ideal solution. Unlike standard art supplies that are difficult to clean up, Brackitz can be easily disassembled for later reuse. Brackitz also allows students to create pieces that are interactive using pulleys, wheels, and other moving parts, adding other dimensions to the creative process. With Brackitz 525 piece Structures & Pulleys you can build sculptures that can be as permanent or as temporary as you’d like - allowing you to clean up and stow your Brackitz easily, or for your students to proudly display their pieces for weeks. And, when using Brackitz, children can make art freely without fear of making a mistake, as the pieces can be easily popped apart and reassembled.

Free Play

During free time, you can keep the creativity flowing by allowing your students to build using Brackitz. Pop open the Brackitz Master STEAM Center during free time and see what sort of designs your students come up with unaided. Free play emphasizes creativity and exploration, leading to a general improvement in spatial abilities as well as improved creative confidence (Russ, S. W. 1998).

Construction systems like Brackitz offer children a fun and immersive way of integrating creativity in education in a way that allows students to internalize classroom material. Start using construction systems in your classroom today, and set your students on the path of a creative life.


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