Bring Balance to Back to School Time

Bring Balance to Back to School Time

All work and no play… well, you know the rest. No matter your child’s age, back to school time can be a bit hectic. New routines, busy schedules, rules to follow, and best behavior all day long can take its toll on our kiddos. To counter the stressful side of back to school, we’re sharing some fun ways to add balance to your kids’ lives this fall:

Unstructured Play Time

The school day is all about order and routine. Everything happens at a certain time, in a very specific way. Staying in line for hours on end can take its toll on little ones, so be sure to give your kids plenty of unstructured play time after school and on the weekends. This means no rules (beyond the basics of safety and common courtesy, of course), no direction, and no instructions. Just let them be! Leave the choice of toys, games, or activities to them and let them guide their play time. Engineering sets like Brackitz are perfect for unstructured play time – kids can build anything they want (seriously, anything), all on their own, using our system of planks and attach-anywhere Brackitz.

Alone Time 

Whether they choose to play in their room, read a book on the couch, explore the backyard, stare into space, or yes, even watch a video or play on the iPad, kids need some solo space after school. They’ve spent the day literally surrounded by others. It’s up to you to give them some room to breathe, think, and just be on their own.

Outdoor Time

Speaking of exploring the backyard, time outdoors is a wonderful way to regroup and reenergize after a long day in the classroom. Take a walk, hit the park, take a bike ride, climb a tree, roll in the grass, examine bugs through a magnifying glass, or collect fall leaves, twigs, or rocks for an afterschool art project.  The options are endless, as are the benefits of fresh air and plenty of room to run.

Creative Time 

After a hard day of left-brain work, a little creativity can go a long way to help your child decompress and relax. It might be as simple as breaking out the coloring books or drawing in a sketch pad, or maybe leave out some paints and googly eyes and bring those rocks you collected on your last outdoor adventure to life. They’ll make great story starters, too!

Plenty of Family Time 

Nothing’s quite as relaxing as being surrounded by people who love you. Make sure you’re spending enough quality family time together by taking an after-dinner walk, coordinating family game time, or doing a bit of star-gazing in the back yard before bedtime. Let the smiles, hugs, and kisses flow freely and watch as your star student springs back to life. 

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