Benefits of Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Both Long and Short-Term

Benefits of Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Both Long and Short-Term

Studies done by CASEL and Universities such as Harvard and Oxford have proven that SEL or Social Emotional Learning has helped child development in five areas:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision making

We already know this but recapping for those who do not. Today we are focusing on the long and short-term benefits of SEL in Child Development and why it is important to teach children using this method.

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According to reports from CASEL, the University of Chicago and the University of British Columbia, SEL has shown immediate improvements to several skills and characteristics of individuals using the five key points of areas that boost development of the human social and emotional responses using different activities such as shapes and structural building and geometrical lessons that are fun and encourage individuals to move forward rather than bounce back into a corner.

Improves Mental Health

The process of Social and Emotional Learning educators use has a peaceful approach that allows individuals to go through three stages, or courses, to improve their overall mental health by allowing them to move at their own pace and interact with others slowly, rather than throwing them into a crowded room as if they are blindfolded.

Studies have proven that this method used on children has improved their mentality and continued to do so for months to several years later, even after they have finished school. On top of that, it has shown that those who go through SEL have a better chance of steering away from:

  • Drug Abuse
  • State Help Housing
  • Welfare
  • Self-harm
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • And even homelessness.

Academic Achievement

Universities and Government Officials have shown the statistical percentage of how SEL improves the academic outcome of individuals. Because it helps with their self-esteem, motivation, cooperation, and all-around social output through school, the rise higher than those who are pressured or only receive 1-4 of the five points of social and emotional learning.

Social Skills

The primary key of SEL is the social outcome of its process and that’s the reason so many more are successful in their personal, education and business lives. It teaches them how to interact with others, manage themselves, feel and show emotions such as empathy, sadness, happiness, etc., and establish and manage those feelings without rage and outburst.

Reports for and studies from CASEL state that those who go through SEL have less anger management and other social awkwardness.


There are less short-term benefits than long-term. Reports show that those who teach 1-4 of the key points of SEL don’t do as well and it doesn’t last as long as those who go through all five.

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