7 Best Holiday Gifts for Your Grandkids

7 Best Holiday Gifts for Your Grandkids

Need a gift for your grandchild and not sure what to buy? Grandkids seem to already have everything these days. Even some toddlers have their own tablets, smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. But you don't want to give a gift that comes with screen time. You want something unique., fun, and educational.

You want gifts that teach your grandkids how to play offline, too — like you did when you were a kid. Gifts that encourage problem-solving, creativity, eye-hand coordination, and STEM skills.

Here's a look at our seven favorite gift ideas that will have you lingering in childhood memories while you make new ones with the grandkids.

NEW Mini STEAM Center, 204-Piece Set

This wonderfully designed toy has 204 pieces, a reusable plastic container, and comes with all of our most popular series. New Mini STEAM Center has large planks, connectors, and parts for driving, pulleys, and gears. This building set offers hours of STEM learning alone or with a grandparent while playing, designed to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  

Build Big! Driving Pulleys, 90-Piece Set

The Driving Pulleys Set gives grandkids the ability to build replicas of real-world simple machines, pulleys and wheels, to gain a concrete understanding of the principles that make them work. It is a hands-on way to integrate the skills and concepts of math, science, engineering and design thinking.



Bracktiz STEM Learning Toy, 72-Piece Bundle Set

Perfect for small hands, the Brackitz STEM Learning Toy comes with two set in one, an Inventor 28-Piece and 44-Piece set.   With 72 large block pieces total the open-ended design of Brackitz planks and connectors and allows for endless creativity. When connecting the pieces, this building toy improves fine motor skills and encourages problem-solving. You can spend hours with the grandkids creating everything from airplanes to umbrellas — whatever you can dream up. The pieces are also designed to grow with your grandchild's imagination, making it simple to design both simple and advanced structures. This bundle is great for multiple grandchildren - buy two and save!

Pulleys 77-Piece Set

The Pulley 77-Piece Set is perfect if your grandchild likes architecture and mechanics. With this educational set, kids can build unique structures and add accessories like pulleys to enhance their functionality. Like all of the Brackitz block kits, the 77-piece set is non-toxic, lead-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and tested and approved for CPSC standards.

Brackitz Inventor 170-Piece Set

It's time to spark creativity and problem-solving skills in your grandchildren, and it starts with the Brackitz Inventor 170-Piece Set. Children learn how to connect the large block pieces while their imaginations run free. This gift is designed with one purpose in mind — to help your grandchild exercise invention skills.

Brackitz 43-Piece Driver Set

Perfect for boys and girls between the ages of three and six, the Brackitz 43-Piece Driver Set takes STEM toys and block play to a whole new level of fun. The grandkids can build cars, trucks, go-karts, and more, all the while learning how axles and different vehicular mechanics work.Brackitz 196-Piece Super Bugz Bundle Set

For the ultimate gift, make sure to check out the Brackitz 196-Piece Super Bugz Bundle Set. Talk about pushing creativity, problem-solving, and STEM skills to the max! This creative toy includes 196 large block pieces and is designed for kids age three and up. Use the directions that come with the toy to build 12 different race parks with neat obstacles like a Toppling Tower. The grandkids can even create unique mazes and courses.

The Takeaway

Instead of gifting the grandkids with more things that ping and beep, why not give them a toy that stretches their imagination, encourages creativity and helps them sharpen their problem-solving skills? After all, they can learn these essential skills they'll need in order to succeed in life — all while having tons of fun!

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