Biggest Brackitz Build in the World at Salt Lake Maker Faire!

Biggest Brackitz Build in the World at Salt Lake Maker Faire!

alt Lake City came out to unleash their #creativepower on Saturday, April 15th at the Utah State Fairpark.   More than 2000 people helped the Brackitz team create the largest Brackitz build in the world at the Salt Lake City Mini Maker Faire.  The Mini Maker Faire is a festival with maker exhibits, demos, installations, workshops, DIY, and hands-on activities.

More than 5000 building blocks were used to create this Behemoth. Created as an intentionally open-ended toyBrackitz encourages imagination and no instructions were included to create our giant structure. Kids of all ages created towers, walls, pinwheels, Ferris wheels, rockets, cars, dogs, and pulleys. Brackitz naturally brought out everyone's #creativepower.  You name it, we built it!

Our #creativesuperhero of the day was Maya.  She built for hours, won a set of Brackitz to take home, and came back later in the day to build some more.  It was such a pleasure to build with her.

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Mashup of our Creative Super Hero, Maya

Our Brackitz inventor and COO, Chris Cochella, was on hand to introduce kids to Brackitz. 

Chris Cochella helping little boy with Brackiz 

Chris invented Brackitz for his own children when he realized that his kids’ imaginations overflowed with wild ideas that just couldn’t be executed with traditional blocks.
Boy standing on a chair building with Brackitz

Because of Brackitz unique connect-anywhere system, we were able to create some gravity-defying structures. Chris helped us connect some of the taller structures, but when he was busy helping others, we used chairs to engineer the tallest tower instead.

Since Brackitz is an educational toy for all ages, there were moms, dads, grandparents, and, of course, kids creating.

Dad and daughter creating with Brackitz

After creating at the Behemoth, some kids built their own stand-alone structures at our Creation Tables.  

Mom helping her son create with Brackitz
Brackitz is a STEM toy that allows kids to create and learn at the same time. Our Education Coordinator, Scott Haley, used his math and engineering skills to build a massive Ferris wheel with his sons, Charlie and Oliver.  

Boy building a Ferris wheel out of Brackitz

Part of the Behemoth became a roller coaster.  We had some balls to test the angles of the roller coaster along with the velocity. 

You working on the Brackitz roller coaster

While some people were busy building, we had some "Creation Contests"  Some of our winners included: James who built an airplane (pictured below) and Ella who built a classic Brackitz build - the rocket.  

Ella, winner of a Brackitz set, and her winning build!

Not only was the Behemoth interactive to the guests of the Mini Maker Faire, we had some drones from Utah Drone Racing that were using the Brackitz structure as an obstacle course.  When we got hungry, Cup Bop was parked outside for some yummy Korean BBQ.

Kids got to try out Brackitz' new product, the Brackitz Bugz Play Park, which is coming out in late June.

Brothers and sisters were seen playing together!  A parents' dream!!

Brother and sister playing with Brackiz

Nicholas used his STEM skills to test new Brackitz Pulley system which will be coming out in late June.

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It was fun to see everyone contribute to the build and then to see the tiny drones use the structure as an obstacle course. We’re trying out Brackitz and cardboard combos this weekend — can’t get enough! :)

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