Brackitz Building Toy Featured on Fox at Primrose Schools STEM Education Program

Brackitz Building Toy Featured on Fox at Primrose Schools STEM Education Program

"Our goal is for a child to think about whatever they want. Imagine, create, whether it’s an animal or a spaceship, a house, and they can build it with Brackitz" 

-Rob Lubeck, CEO of Brackitz


Primrose schools are using Brackitz in their STEAM Education Centers at daycares around the nation! Watch this video interviewing one of the owners of Primrose Schools, Michele Alexander and why she loves Bracktiz!




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Video Transcript:

Interviewer: I love it when I get paid to play with kids! I’m at the Primrose School in Denver today. You guys are so busy building that structure, right? We’ve got Sterling here. We’ve got Noah. He’s working on something on the floor. We’ve got Findley. You look like you’re having fun, honey. And then we’ve got Madison over here. What are we playing with, kids?

Children: Toys!

Interviewer: Toys! Yeah, they’re playing with toys, and they’re also learning a lot today, because they are playing with the Brackitz toy. Yes, Noah.

Noah: And they’re called Brackitz.

Interviewer: He already knows that it’s called Brackitz! They have been playing here for about an hour, the cutest kids ever. It’s actually part of the curriculum here at Primrose. I am now going to be sitting at the table with Rob. You are the CEO of Brackitz. Oh, he took our prop! Shoot! Oh, I guess I’ll have to play with this one. He can have it. Bring it later.

Rob, tell me about Brackitz. These kids are so excited about this. They’ve been playing for a really long time, and they’re learning at the same time, and I don’t think they know that they’re doing both.

Rob Lubeck: That’s really our goal. Brackitz is a newer building and construction toy. What makes this a little unique is we are completely open-ended. Our goal is for a child to think about whatever they want. Imagine, create, whether it’s an animal or a spaceship, a house, and they can build it with Brackitz. And they can take it down and build the next creation or idea they have in their mind.

Interviewer: Yes.

Rob: What makes it a little unique is we have different shaped connectors and we have different sized planks. The planks – you know, typical construction toys are very static, where they have to go in at a fixed angle. Ours, you can go in at any angle, and it still holds. You can even put just a corner of it in, and it still holds.

Interviewer: So they can build essentially anything. There’s not just one specific thing they can build.

Rob: That’s correct. We have a new piece, also, that makes it even more dynamic building. This fits the holes of the planks, fits the holes of the connectors. This also holds the plank in at any angle, but then gives full 360 degree rotation.

Interviewer: Oh my goodness!

Rob: So now you can also incorporate propellers, or make things walk and move.

Interviewer: It’s all functioning. And they were coming up with different scenarios. There was a water tower delivering the water. That’s what I love about this. They’re imagining so much more than just a toy.

Rob: Exactly. We really want to foster the kids’ imagination, and versus building what they’re supposed to inside of a box, build whatever they want to.

Interviewer: What is this?

Child: A tower.

Interviewer: It’s a tower!

Child: And then water leaks down, and then it leaks into that tank, and back up.

Interviewer: Wow! Did you build this all by yourself?

Child: Yes.

Interviewer: Did you guys build it together?

Child: Yeah.

Interviewer: The teamwork was theIr favorite part.

Child: Let’s all pick it up as a team! Whoa… this is pretty neat!

Interviewer: Another genius thing about this toy is it’s gender neutral. The girls love it just as much as the boys.

Child: I learned how to build this.

Interviewer: Very good. High five!

Rob: Boys and girls alike love construction. It’s important to incorporate those learning skills for both the boys and girls. We want to be collaborative. We’re in homes, we’re in schools. We want the pieces big enough, and the projects big enough, where kids can actually work together and play together.

Interviewer: You must be kind of a kid yourself, if you came up with this.

Rob: I do, I hear that from my wife all the time, unfortunately, but yes.

Interviewer: I love it. The kids let me borrow this for a few more minutes, the Brackitz official dog. This is Michele Alexander. She’s one of the franchise owners of the Primrose School. You were telling me that the Brackitz toy has been adopted by all Primrose schools across the nation.

Michele Alexander: Yes. All of our 300 plus schools across the nation have just implemented our STEAM program this semester. Today is actually our first day here at our location, giving it a go, so this is a good way to celebrate. Yes, we have introduced Brackitz in all of our 300 schools. It will help us to enhance our curriculum moving forward. I come from ten and a half year’s Primrose experience, and we definitely work our best to enhance with different toys, different objects, that really help the kids to learn about their environment.

Interviewer: STEM seems to be the buzzword these days. My kids attend a STEM school. So many STEM charter schools out there. How does this work with STEM?

Michele: This is helping, I think, us, to bring in their real environment, their true environment. It’s also inspiring creativity. They’re not stuffed into just putting two blocks together. Now they can turn them, and now they can move, and they can watch different things. You know, engage with each other. It’s very exciting. Our kids have loved this toy, absolutely adore this toy. In fact, I had a child last week who built me a ladder to the stars with the Brackitz toy. It’s been fun to learn and to grow with them, for sure, and we’re super excited to have this toy on board.

Interviewer: We haven’t had to do anything to get them to keep playing. They just keep playing and playing.

Michele: They’ve been here for a ton of time!

Interviewer: I just love playing with you guys. I think we could play with these Brackitz toys for the rest of the day, right?

Children: Yeah!

Interviewer: For all you adults out there, you’re going to want to know that this is made in the U.S., and you can buy the product locally at Target, Bookies, Hope Tank and Wizard’s Chest. Those are some great stores that you can buy it at. Do you guys give this toy a thumbs up? Yes? Maybe two thumbs up, or maybe three or four?

Children: Three or four!

Interviewer: That’s from the kids at the Primrose here in Denver. You’re going to want to have your kids check this toy out.

                  (Back in studio):

Interviewer: I felt really stupid that day, because they’re so smart!

Paula: They are brilliant little kids!

Interviewer: Right? Brackitz. We want to tell people they’re available at many retailers, including Target, Barnes and Noble,, but if you go to the Brackitz website today, you can get 10% off your purchase. Just log onto, enter discount code “Colorado,” you’re going to get 10% off. Paula and I have been working on our structures. This is what I came up with!

Paula: I’ve got a Broncos Brackitz.

Interviewer: That’s nice! Oh, i that a Bronco?

Paula:: It’s like against Cleveland.

Interviewer: Oh! And she has it rotating!

Paula:: Orange and blue.

Interviewer: Paula’s much smarter than I am

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