Brackitz Gift Guide for 4, 5 & 6 Year Olds

Brackitz Gift Guide for 4, 5 & 6 Year Olds

Toys 4-, 5- & 6-Year-Olds Will Love!

Although there aren’t any exact statistics regarding how many toys kids have today, we could all take a lucky guess that it is quite a big number. It is certainly much more than they need. Toys are trendy, (remember fidget spinners?) the more toys all of these manufacturing companies create, the more parents will end up buying for their little ones whether it’s a special occasion or not. However, the problem occurs when your child loses interest in these toys after a while, which happens very often.

It happens to every child. A new gadget or gizmo is their favorite toy one minute, and the next you can’t seem to find where it is in your house. This can cost you quite a bit of money, as well as leave you with a growing pile of toys that just becomes clutter in a corner.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem. Rather than buying more toys, parents should focus on buying those that your child is going to want to play with for years. Toys that inspire their imagination and creativity. Purchase toys that inspire their imagination and creativity, toys that follow STEM and STEAM curriculum.  Brackitz toys are open-ended toys, that encourage imagination, creativity, artistic abilities and inspire others to learn, play and grow. So the next time you are looking for a toy to buy your 4, 5 or 6-year old, look no further than this list. Brackitz is excited to share five of their favorite toys that will keep your child’s interest for years to come.

Inventor Sets

TheBrackitz Inventors Setsare the perfect gifts for 4-year-old girl or boys and older. Consider them like building blocks, except with no limits. The Brackitz inventor sets are unique and bring a fun toy experience to builders of all ages. They include a28 piece set,44 piece set,100 piece set and170 piece set. Kids will be able to experience open-ended play and create, build, and design anything they can imagine. The Inventors sets are considered STEM toys,Award-Winning Brackitzand can make the perfect graduation gifts for your kindergartener, a birthday gift for your grandchild, or a holiday gift this year.

Driver 43 Piece Set

If your kids are into building and construction, the Driver 43 piece set will inspire their imagination like no other. It makes a great toy or gift for a 4-year-old boy or girl. The Driver 43 piece sets enable kids to design any driving machine they can possibly think of, seriously, anything! There are directions to ten driving machines that engineers of any age can design and build. These aren’t just your average building blocks or legos. The best part is, you can buy multiple sets andthey all work together.   Award-Winning Brackitz Driver Sets are a great example of STEM and are perfect for kids 4 and up

Brackitz bug construction toy building toy

Bugz Play Park

TheBrackitz Play Parkis a great stem toy for 4-year-old girls or boys. Your child will be designing obstacles and play parks for hours, with 47 Brackitz pieces to work with. Kids will be able to make crazy obstacles such as the Toppling Tower, Super Spinner or an obstacle of their own. The Brackitz play park is a super fun addition to the other Brackitz sets and can make for a great graduations gift for your kindergartener this year. The Play Park set is a great way to steer your child’s imagination in all different ways, and is aPurdue INSPIRE Engineering Experience. In 2017, the Play Park wasselected by Purdue University’sengineering education experts and child- and parent-reviewers to be included in their 2017 Engineering Gift Guide!

Bugz Race Park

The NEW Bugz Race Park includes 96 pieces and is designed for two or more players to build over 12 race parks and obstacles.This educational stem toy helps children build a solid foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Brackitz is excited for thelaunch of the new Bugz Race Park set, and to help kids start thinking outside of the box. The possibilities are endless, and this is a great kindergarten graduation gift set for your child to introduce them to the Brackitz toys.

While these Brackitz sets are some of our favorites, there are many other toys that your kindergartener would love, such as Magna tiles and Lincoln Logs, both of which are creative building toys for kids. The Magna Tiles and Lincoln Logs enhance creativity, imagination, and design just like Brackitz STEM toys do.

A child’s imagination is one of the most important, wonderful and rewarding things you can help develop. It has endless amounts of possibilities, which is truly inspiring. Unfortunately, there are so many useless toys out there today that have the ability to take away from creativity and imagination. To overcome this, opt for open-ended toys that follow STEM and STEAM, such as Brackitz. Brackitz stem toys make the perfect graduation or birthday gifts for your youngster. This is a time in your child’s life where their minds are spinning with creativity, and learning new things every day. With Brackitz, your child will be inspired for hours, creating anything they can possibly imagine. They will be able to create 3D structures, obstacles, simple machines, buildings, animals and much more. So when it’s time for you to start picking a gift for your early elementary child, choose Brackitz! We weren’tvoted one of the best educational toys for nothing!

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