Brackitz Holiday Gift Guide

Brackitz Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list just got a little bit easier, thanks to Brackitz. From first time builders to expert architects, and everyone in between, there’s a Brackitz engineering set sure to delight each of your family and friends. And, with Brackitz, you can feel great about your gift, since every Brackitz set includes everything builders need to get hands-on experience with early math, science, engineering, and architectural principles. So get to giving today.

For the First-Time Builder
The Brackitz Creator 26-Piece Set is the perfect gift for the preschoolers on your list. A great first engineering set for girls and boys, the box includes everything little ones need to get building, including short and long wooden planks and colorful 3- and 4- way connectors. Brackitz pieces are big enough for little hands to manipulate with ease and, thanks to our unique connect-anywhere system, Brackitz builds are sturdy and don’t tumble when they’re bumped. SRP $19.99.


For the Dreamer
The Brackitz Inventor 44-Piece Set enables builders to create any structure they imagine – literally, anything – with no restrictions – or instructions. With enough planks, 3- and 4-way connectors, and even motion connectors to create big builds with moving parts, this set is sure to inspire the artists on your list. SRP $29.99.

For the Auto Enthusiast
The engineering minds on your list will love the Brackitz 43-Piece Driver Set, featuring rubber band-powered powertrains that enable builders to design structures that move. Master mechanics of all ages will enjoy assembling planks, connectors, motion connectors, wheels, a spool, axles, hubs, and rubber bands to build everything from racecars to windmills. SRP $24.99. Driver Parts Expansion Set SRP $9.99.

For the Expert Builder
With nearly 200 pieces, the Brackitz Inventor 170-Piece Set is a builder’s dream come true. Including enough planks, 3- and 4-way connectors, and motion connectors to build large-scale, long-term structures, this set also allows multiple builders to work on the same structure without getting in each other’s way. SRP $99.99.


For the Educator
Surprise the teacher on your list with the building set of her dreams. The Brackitz Inventor Educational 320-Piece Set includes everything the educator in your life needs to introduce and engage her students with early engineering, architectural, math, and scientific principles. Plus, the set comes packed in a durable, stackable bin with wheels and handles for easy clean up and storage.

Brackitz engineering toys are the only construction toys that lets kids design any structure they can imagine - anything. Our unique, connect-anywhere brackitz enables kids to create large scale, portable, 3-D structures – with no instructions or limitations – all while learning real-life math, science, engineering, and architecture skills. 

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