Brackitz Simple Machine Book Recommendations

Brackitz Simple Machine Book  Recommendations

Kids love to read about what they are learning and are inspired to develop their play and imagination around what they are reading!  Developing reading proficiency and a love of books in the classroom and at home will help your kids develop the skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.  Here are some books about simple machines that go along with Brackitz pulley builds. You can get them from your library, local book store or online for reading time!

Cranes (Mighty Machines) by Amanda Askew

Children always get excited watching cranes reach for the heights.  Cranes are used for lifting almost any heavy load and moving it to a height. They are used to make buildings, bridges and ships. Some are used to stack containers onto ships, trains and trucks. A floating crane might be used for salvaging a sunken ship, and an aerial crane is a specially fitted helicopter that can rescue someone or drop emergency supplies into a disaster area.  The Mighty Machines series features vivid color photographs of enormous machines as they dig, dump, load, pull and lift. Children will thrill at the size of these behemoths and enjoy seeing these vehicles strain under the weight of such tremendous work.

Lance Dragon Defends His Castle with Simple Machines by Eric Braun & Anthony Briglia

Add a little history to your STEM with this silly, fun, entertaining and educational book for ages 3-7.  The main character Lance the dragon shows how to stop barbarians from invading his castle with simple machines.  "Hey, dudes! Skateboarding is my thing, but when barbarians invade my castle, I have to defend myself. Watch me launch a water balloon with a lever and lower a key with a pulley. Roll with me and find out how simple machines simply rock!" 

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