Brackitz Wins the 2019 Tillywig Creative Fun Toy Award

Brackitz Winner of the Tillywig Award

Extensive research has been done on the benefits of creative play. From the development of fine motor skills to numerous cognitive benefits, imaginative play helps children to express themselves and learn at the same time!

There are tons of products on the market that advertise themselves as educational and fun. Plus, our kids are surrounded by a constant stream of flashy technology that may hold their attention without encouraging any real creativity.

So how do we know what the best toys for kids are that will help them learn and keep their interest?

The Tillywig Awards can help answer that exact question! Read on to find out more about the Tillywig Awards and why they gave Brackitz the Best Creative Fun in 2019 award.

What Are the Tillywig Awards?

The Tillywig Awards are a series of six awards that are given out of every year to learning toys and products that encourage learning and creativity. 

The Tillywig committee evaluates products based on several different categories. These include things like ease of first use, quality, and replay value. They also consider the level to which products encourage social interaction, creativity, motor skill development, and more.

Why is Creative Play Important?

Children who are encouraged to express their creativity will be more confident in their curiosity about the world. Creative children are our future scientists, artists, and problem-solvers!

Kids are naturally imaginative beings. A lot of lessons can be learned from bringing your imagination to life!

Through trial and error, kids gain patience and the desire to see things through. They can also learn essential social skills like appropriate emotional reactions, sharing, and working as a team. Creative play also allows kids to exercise their fine motor skills and strengthen their literacy as they find new ways to describe what tools they're using and what they're accomplishing.

Ultimately, creative play gives kids a break from passive mental stimulation. It allows them to interact with their minds, their toys, and others. Active mental stimulation will benefit them as they transition into school and increase their socialization with other adults and children! 

How Does Brackitz Encourage Creative Play?

Toys that allow kids to build are always great for fine motor and problem-solving skills. Brackitz toys are STEM toys that take the creativity of a building set one step further by opening up endless possibilities! 

Connect rotating brackets to any spot on any plank and make the creations you dream up in your imagination a reality! There's no one way to put together a Brackitzbuilding set!

Watch as your kids construct everything from furniture for their toys to skyscrapers. Their creations may even evolve over time as they practice sustained building habits!

Pick Up Your Own Award-Winning Set of Brackitz

The Brackitz team has always been passionate about creative play. We are so honored to win the Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award for the Brackitz Driver 43 set!

If you and your kids are ready for some educational toys or you're looking for a great new classroom toy, order a set of Brackitz today. We have tons of options that make great gift ideas and will suit every age group. We hope you enjoy building them as much as we enjoy making them!

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