Five Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids with Brackitz Building Toy

Five Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids with Brackitz Building Toy

Halloween is my kids' F A V O R I T E holiday. Hands downs. 

They start planning on November 1st for the next year. Besides the candy, walking around late on a school night with friends, and jack-o-lanterns, they go crazy over love costume making. They spend hours coming up just the 'right' costume to reflect who they imagine themselves to be. It can be stressful for them (and me) to come up with the 'right' costume.

Times Have Changed

When I was a kid, I developed my problem-solving skills by coming up with my costume out of household items and what I could con my mom into making. I was a 'mummy' multiple years - my dad's white long underwear and some gauze, et voilá...the perfect scary costume! We didn't have Halloween parties, except at school.

Let Them use Their Creativity

I don't know about you, but I prefer not to buy costumes for my kids. I want them to use their imaginations and creativity, but as a working mom implementing a hand-made costume (Do I even know where my sewing machine is?) is difficult. And then, there was the Halloween where my daughter sewed her finger into the costume, and we ended up at the emergency room with a sewing needle stuck in her finger.

Even if your child chooses a spectacular costume that you find the time to make, you always run the risk of a game-time decision change. ("Mom, I don't want to be a <fill in the blank>! I (in a whiney voice) REALLY want to be a <fill in the blank>" on Halloween night. Brackitz sets are great for a full-blown costume, cool costume accessory, or last-minute changes to any costume plan.

Brackitz can be a great addition to your Trick-or-Treating!

Brackitz building toy for kids is an excellent way for kids to come up with a costume that they creat themselves. Children of all ages can participate - handy if you have multiple-age kids. Brackitz is a high-quality building set for kids that builds STEM skills as well as creative imagination.

Unlike other building block sets, wooden blocks, and magnet toys like Magna Tiles or Mega Bloks, Brackitz can be connected anywhere to create anything you can imagine. STEM toys like Brackitz develop hand-eye coordination and are great for boys and girls.

Here are some creative ideas that you can build with your Brackitz activity set:

  • Turtle
  • Astronaut
  • Dinosaur
  • Robot
  • Crown (King/Queen/Prince/Princess)

Watch this video for instructions on how to make a Brackitz harness.

Watch this video of Brackitz Creative hero, Jason, unleash his creative power. Here are his instructions on how to build a clever Halloween costume with Brackitz learning toys that your kids can make. All you need is your imagination and, of course, some Brackitz educational toys. They can be anything they want to be.  Seriously. Anything.

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