Building SEL Skills Improves Our Overall Development

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We all worry about our children's development in life. We go day-to-day wondering if they are getting the education they need to develop and evolve to fit in or belong.  The truth of the matter is: no, they are not getting the education they need. Over half of the world’s schools aren’t teaching children what they need to continue their cognitive and emotional development after they leave home.
That’s why CASEL and other educators have created the Social and Emotional Learning education program—to give them what they need to develop the keys of success at school, self, and life’s obstacles.

CASEL's Keys to Success

  • Self-Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Better Relationship Skills
  • Responsibility

CASEL encourages responsibility and reinforces confidence which motivates children to interact with others. With these five keys, they won’t get put down when they make mistakes because it’s simpler than complex school worksheets with that come with no instructions, but rather building blocks, art and other fun activities that will feel like an easy-going game. CASEL allows students to interact with others in a fun and out-going environment instead of a ‘stuck in your chair’ uptight classroom.  Individuals can socialize and interact with others and teach each other the meaning of friendship. SEL gives both educators and students a way to bond that shows they can do anything and everything. They can use their imagination and dream big, no matter how big, and bring that dream to life through SEL activities with the encouragement from educators. Social and Emotional Learning impacts individuals in such a way that it literally makes old methods look cruel based on reports and studies for and from CASEL and Edweek. This method is the KEY to success in our children’s lives. The more our schools use the 5 CASEL Keys to Success, the better equipped our next generations will be with social, emotional and physical skills. Students can do  anything they put their minds to!


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