Creative Hero - Emmet Brickowski

Creative Hero - Emmet Brickowski

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Creativity comes from many places and sometimes, reaching deep down within yourself unlocks some creative superpowers you didn't know you had. By appearance, Emmet Brickowski is just an unremarkable, regular Lego construction worker in The Lego Movie. However, we soon come to realize that Emmet is much more than meets the eye. And truth be told, Emmet makes this same realization himself. He is a much more of a special character when compared to others. In fact, we consider Emmet Brickowski to be a creative hero, who uses his creative spirit in order to overcome the challenges that he come across during his quest. 

Instructions to fit in, have everybody like you, and always be happy!

The personality of Emmet Brickowski is an optimistic and a friendly one. He is just an ordinary citizen, who tries to get the job done.  For him, life is all about following the rules and not taking risks so that everyone will like you and you will get the job done.  It is not until he finds “The Piece of Resistance” that he realizes that following the rules is not always the best way to get the job done. Emmet is forced to use his creative thinking capabilities of to help him avert danger and save the world.  

Emmet, don't worry about what the others are doing. You must embrace what is special about you.-Vitruvius

Emmet is compelled to jump into the Abyss of No Return, with the objective of freeing everybody. He wants to make the world a better place for everybody to live. He doesn’t mind sacrificing his life in order to do it.  When Emmet finds himself in the human world, Emmet helps the son convince the father, “The Man Upstairs,” that not all creations have to look and be played with in the same way. Sometimes being creative gets messy.

Moreover, Emmet Brickowski emphasizes that any person can be special. Through these words, he wants everyone to be like him. In other words, Emmet Brickowski wants to make sure that everyone is in a position to fight against the evil actions, without feeling helpless.

Emmet Brickowski is a brave person. In fact, he is brave enough to listen to himself. He asks from his inner consciousness before making a decision. As a result, he has the ability to execute plans, which can benefit him as well as the society in which he lives. He also thinks out of the box and sees whether it is the perfect solution available for a specific situation or not. Therefore, Emmet Brickowski can be considered as a perfect example for a creative hero.


He is mistakenlying placed in a situation where he is the key to saving the world.  In order to save the world, he has to think about the problem of the evil villain in a whole new way.  He is unprepared for the task, but follows his intuition to stop the evil tyrant from taking over the world.   Little did he know that creativity is not reserved for “The Special” people, everyone has creativity.  Your creativity doesn’t have to look like anyone else's’.

So What Can We Learn from Emmet?

  • You are “The Special”: Throughout Emmet’s journey to save the world from evil, he embraces the fact that he too is creative in his own way. And his version of creativity was the exact recipe for success.
  • There are many paths to your goals: While Emmet may not be the best at building spaceships, he certainly was the best at building couches. And it’s that very double decker couch that saved the day. Following the instructions may not always be the best way.
  • Always be learning: Keep your mind open to skills, experiences, and knowledge throughout all of life. Just as Emmet picked up skills throughout his adventures and from those around him, so can you in school, while playing with friends, and especially from your parents.

  • For all of these reasons and more, Emmet Brickowski is our Creative Hero of the week. Deep down in each and every one of us, there lives a creative spirit. Sometimes, that creative spirit needs a little coaxing and sometimes, that creative spirit is the only thing standing between an evil “Lord Business” and civilization as we know it. Embrace your creativity, build knowledge, and learn from life itself.

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