Welcome to the Team, Ray!

Welcome to the Team, Ray!

Tapping into your creative powers isn't always easy for adults.  For children creativity comes naturally, but who says that creativity is only good for children?  Spending time being creative is good for all of us, but adults sometimes need help finding their creative spirit.

You can gets some tips about cultivating your creative spirit, such as finding the best time for you, getting out into nature or committing to a daily practice of creativity.  In their book, Creative Confidence, Tom and David Kelly say, "creativity lies within each and every one of us."

Children are naturally creative and creative play is important for their mental health.  Along with improving mental health, kids primarily learn through play.  Another way to find your creative side is to get down on the ground and play with children, or...

you can watch our latest Creative Hero Ambassador, Ray McNab, unleash his creative powers with Brackitz: 

Ray was whole-heartedly willing to give an in-person interview to talk about Brackitz and his life as a curious four-year-old. This is one example of why our newest creative hero is so inspiring. This boy knows who he is, where he is going and knows how to learn, play, and grow with Brackitz!

Ray first encountered Brackitz in May when he received two sets for his birthday.  By the time Ray became one of our Ambassadors, he has already been using Brackitz to play and learn about engineering.  

His mom, Kristen, was so excited to hear about our Creative Hero Ambassador program and they jumped right in to making creation after creation.  Ray has already built so many awesome things with Brackitz, we are excited to see what his future will bring.  

Ray's father is in the Navy, so what does Ray build?  A submarine dry dock! 

Some More about Our Hero

  • Age: 4
  • School: Preschool in August
  • Siblings: One younger sister, Ruby
  • Interests: Going to the beach
  • Favorite TV Show: Magic School Bus

Keep unleashing your creative power, Ray!

Thank you, Ray, for showing us how to get creative!

Looking for some inspiration?

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