Welcome to the team, Shareese!

Welcome to the team, Shareese!

As of today, it is fairly safe to say that most people have heard the term “Millenial” to describe the generation of people who became adults around the turn of the century. But how many people have heard of the “iGeneration”? Or even further, the “Generation Alpha”? Probably not many. But there is great interest in trying to predict the manner in which our rapidly shifting society will act in the future and part of this prediction comes from categorizing generations.

Most of the interest in future generations revolves around the impact of technology. iGenerationers can be roughly described as the teenagers of today. That being said, we all know why they can be called the iGeneration (aka Sceenagers). But what about the young kids of today? The future Generation Alpha? As Australian generational researcher, Mark McCrinde stated during an interview with the New York Times, “[They] will be the most formally educated generation ever, the most technology supplied generation ever, and globally the wealthiest generation ever.” 

Shareese Davidson working on her solar powered house

Our Creative Hero Ambassador, Shareese Davidson, is a member of Generation Alpha and wanna know what this 5-year old is doing?

Building solar-powered houses out of Brackitz!

It is fascinating to see how social issues such as the energy crisis are combining with imaginative play in the young minds of today! We have a generation of problem-solvers and solution-seekers developing in our homes, which is what makes them our Creative Heroes.

Shareese Davidson with her Brackitz creations

Shareese is described by her mother as a bright and energetic girl who will be attending kindergarten in the fall. She has an imaginary friend named “ZuZu” and ZuZu has her own in room in Shareese’s life-sized dollhouse. Shareese says that her Creative Hero is her auntie, who works as a pastry chef. Shareese accompanies her at the bakery and enjoys creating her own tasty treats at home. 

Some More about Our Hero

  • Age: 5
  • School: Kindergarten in August
  • Siblings: One younger brother, Donovan
  • Interests: baking, playing with her imaginary friend, ZuZu
  • Favorite Movies: Frozen, Cars, Finding Dory, Strawberry Shortcake and The Lego Movie (woohoo! Emmet Brickowski!).

Keep solving problems, Shareese!

Thank you Sharesse for sharing your creative heroism with the world as you continue to seek solutions for a brighter future.

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