Creative Hero: Stuart Gibbs, author of Panda-monium

Creative Hero: Stuart Gibbs, author of Panda-monium

For National Endangered Species Day, we would like to introduce Stuart Gibbs, the Creative Hero behind the book, Panda-monium, the fourth book in The FunJungle Collection written for middle-schoolers.  
Front cover of book, Panda-moniumIn Panda-moium, the main character, Teddy Fitzroy, is the FunJungle’s resident sleuth and he solves the mystery of the newest resident panda’s, Li-Ping, disappearance. This is a fast-paced mystery that will keep the reader entertained to the last page.  Teddy is a hero in his own right since he saves Li-Ping from being stolen in a fun-loving adventure with lots of interesting characters.

standing pandaBut back to our Creative Hero, Stuart Gibbs.  He began writing stories when he was in kindergarten and wrote his first book when he was in first grade, called 'Furry Friends' about a dog and a cat.  Stuart took his love for writing and studied… got it…Biology!  Stuart being the non-conformist that he is studied capybaras the world's largest rodent.  Capybaras are grass-eating rodents that live in packs of 10-20 and are at home on land or in the water.   Not only did he study them, he was the leading capybara scientist IN THE WORLD.  Now it should be stated that he was the leading capybara scientist in the world since no one else had ever studied capybaras. (HA!) Although capybaras are not endangered, the study of capybaras is important since they are facing a loss of habitat in their native South America from deforestation.   Capybara mom with four babies

Besides having a passion for writing, Stuart has a passion for wildlife and the outdoors. While he was studying capybaras at the Philadelphia Zoo, he talked with the zookeepers and heard all sorts of interesting behind-the-scenes stories about the animals. This is where he found his inspiration to write the FunJungle series.

Brackitz Elephant

Stuart Gibbs is also an inspiring writer and storyteller. As well, he is also passionate about conservation, wildlife, and the outdoors. He has been traveling around the world for years trying to observe all of the world's largest animals in their native habitats. Stuart has blended his personal passions with his creative life and is using these passions to create wonderful stories and raise awareness about endangered animals.  For these reasons, we would like to recognize Stuart Gibbs as an outstanding example of how someone can take a passion in his life and create a series of novels to help readers think about the the world and how we can be a hero to help make our environment a place for humans and animals. 

Stuart Gibbs with rhino

What can we learn from Stuart Gibbs?

Stuart has taken his creativity, love for writing, animals, and conservation and mixed them all together to create a fun-loving journey that can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike.

Stuart draws his inspiration from his unique experiences.

Through his stories and his personal life, Stuart inspires us to follow our intuition to create great things.

This series of books would be a great read for the Creative Hero in your life.

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You can get Stuart Gibbs books at your local library and at Stuart Gibbs' website.


NOTE: Although Stuart Gibbs books are very appropriate for children, please read through our book recommendation before letting your children read.  There may be some topics in this series that may be disturbing to more sensitive children.  

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