Tina Brown, our Creative Hero of the Week

Tina Brown, our Creative Hero of the Week

When you think of a Creative Hero, who comes to mind? At Brackitz we have recently highlighted some famous Creative Heroes like Sally Ride, Steve Jobs, and Alexander Graham Bell.  

Today we want to talk about a Creative Hero that you won’t find in any Wikipedia articles but yet, is very special to the Brackitz family: Tina Brown.

        What?! Who is Tina Brown? And why is she a Creative Hero?

Tina Brown is our Creative Marketing Hero here at Bracktiz. Tina’s creative spirit and constant love of learning has moved her to a number of different careers before she landed at Brackitz.

Tina started her career as a German teacher at the Steamboat Mountain School, a private boarding school five miles outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The Steamboat Mountain School has a very academically rigorous curriculum that incorporates a flexible schedule so their students can pursue their competitive skiing dreams or travel internationally.  During her time at the Steamboat Mountain School, Tina led five different trips with 12-14 teenagers to Costa Rica, China, Eastern Europe and Ireland.  Before the advent of cellphones and the internet, budget travel consisted of a travel book, creative thinking, and leadership necessary to get a group of 15 teenagers to not only travel abroad but be immersed in foreign cultures.  Tina also led the charge to help the school come into the 21st century by developing a Computer Science program and developing the school’s intranet.

Tina Brown teaching Math

The Steamboat Mountain School has a small classroom environment to develop the students and create relationships between the students and teachers.  Here, Tina honed her teaching skills and deepened her love of teaching and education.  Teaching requires constant creative thinking in order to best evolve with the student's needs and encourage and motivate the students to improve themselves, whether it was on a camp trip or in the classroom.

This is where Tina’s creative journey took a right turn. When her children became school-aged, Tina wanted to create an environment where her children’s creative spirits could grow and have the flexibility to do some of the things that her family loves: skiing, foreign travel, mountain biking and learning. Tina began homeschooling her children and modeled her curriculum after some of the didactic principles she had gleaned from her time at the Steamboat Mountain School. She combined them with the most current scholastic philosophies and crafted a unique educational journey for her family. The children’s sporting activities are included in the curriculum as well as foreign travel.

Tina Brown's Brackitz creations

And yet, homeschooling wasn’t enough for this creative hero! Tina wanted to continue her professional career while staying home with her children. We at Bracktiz were lucky enough to recruit this creative hero to be the Director of Marketing.  She is blending her love of children and education along with her business and technical skills to bring Brackitz to children around the world.

Why is Tina a Creative Hero?

  1. Curiosity - Tina is curious about anything and continues to learn and grow as her life changes
  2. Bravery - Leading twelve teenagers on a trip out the country is brave.  Period.
  3. Pragmatism - Tina uses her vision and experience to drive whatever project she is working on for the better.

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