Exciting Summer Activities

Exciting Summer Activities

School is out and children are getting restless in the summer heat. When students take a summer vacation and don’t work their brains, they can lose the equivalent of TWO MONTHS of their math and reading skills. To combat this, our Brackitz team has come up with a list of TEN EXCITING ACTIVITIES to stimulate learning and engage young minds. Stay tuned for the next 5 next week! 


Sit down with your children and encourage them to think about questions they may have. Some examples might be: Why is the sky blue? How do ant colonies distribute tasks? How does photosynthesis work? Write them down together and put all the questions inside a mason jar. If you’re feeling really creative, you can use household materials like buttons, glue, glitter, and paint to decorate your discovery jar. Pull out one question each day and challenge your children to find answers to their own questions! This will definitely keep them busy and engages your child’s natural curiosity.

2. BUG OUT! 

Insects and bugs outnumber humans 200 million to one! No matter what part of the world you live in, insects are bound to be an essential part of your community. Encourage your children to find which bugs are specific to their part of the world and help them identify the bugs in your very own backyard. You can even purchase an inexpensive bug catcher set or make your own and watch insects up close! If your kids aren’t fans of insects, have them collect leaves and twigs from the backyard and create an art project with the supplies they gathered!


Summer rain can disrupt outside plans, but that doesn’t mean your children need to sit in front of the television. Your children have the ability to learn basic computer science fundamentals with the help of a few computer science platforms like SCRATCH JR. (PreK-3), SCRATCH (grades 3-9), APP INVENTOR (grades 5+), and TYNKER (grades 4-5), and LIGHTBOT (all ages).


Baking is one of the best (and tastiest) ways to teach children math and science. The simple act of measuring ingredients teaches about weight, units, visual perception, volume area, and size. Explain the difference between a physical reaction (mixing the ingredients for cookie dough) and a chemical reaction (baking cookie dough). Explore where ingredients come from by taking a trip to your local farmer’s market for fresh supplies, or explain how solids and liquids transform properties when heat or cold is applied. At the end, you can reward them for learning so much with a delicious treat!


Open-ended toys like BRACKITZ are a great way to engage multiple children on collaborating to build a large structure. Challenge your children to build a replica of their school, the library, or their very own structure using their imaginations. Open-ended block-play enforces fundamental STEM concepts like stability, balance, gravity, weight, systems, trial-and-error, inductive thinking, discovery, creative problem solving, symmetry, comparison, spacial topology, and patterns. 

About Brackitz: Brackitz is the only construction toy and building toy that actually lets kids design any structure they envision –anything! Our one-of-a-kind Brackitz enable connections at any angle, allowing kids to use real-life architectural and engineering principles to create large-scale, gravity-defying, 3-D structures –with no limitations!

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