Miss America STEM Education and Brackitz

You might be thinking, "What does Miss America have in common with Brackitz?". Well, the common thread here is STEM education and Utah. Miss America Mallory Hagan has set her sights on promoting STEM Education in America. Brackitzis an award-winning (Toy Man STEM Award) building and construction toy that inspires engineering and mathematics through creative play.

Just this year both President Obama and Utah Governor Gary Herbert have promoted STEM education as a key mission to future prosperity in America and in Utah. Utah EPSCoR, USTAR, Prosperity 2020, and The Leonardo are pleased to host Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan in Salt Lake City on May 10, 2013. Miss Hagan will spend her day visiting with local students and community leaders to learn about and promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in Utah.

Part of this visit is working with students in a hands-on way a The Leonardo Museum in Utah. As a long-time exhibit in the Tinkering Garage, Brackitz  STEM education toy will be part of a cooperative and collaborative activity where students build upon each other's structure. Students will need to carry forward the design spirit of the existing building while adding their own style to move the structure forward. Because Brackitz are big and durable, groups of kids can build in a collaborative way without fear of the structure falling down or being only big enough for a single person. In addition, the wooden beams and Brackitz  Connectors are very good analogs to how real-world buildings are built and therefore incorporate real-world engineering challenges.

See you at the Leo.

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