Power of Construction Toys

Brackitz are called bionic and powerful for several reasons. First, it is the strong connections that are easily made between the blocks and the unique connectors. This strength allows for big and stable building. Second, it is the extensive and powerful learning benefits that come from building toys, especially Brackitz.

"Construction toys, of all toy categories, offer the most open-end opportunities for children to design and create imaginative structure. Using abstract, modular forms, construction toys present a 'what if' question and allow children to construct and continually modify their own representations," writes Karen Hewitt, a toy designer, recently quoted by Stevanne Auerbach

Below is a list of the unique benefits of Brackitz - Power of Construction Toys. Happy Building!

    • Kids learn engineering and architecture while creating buildings and other structures.
    • Bring their imaginary designs and ideas to life.
    • Strengthen muscles and improve dexterity in their fingers and hands
    • Enhance hand-eye coordination and motor skills
    • Develop and improve social relationships with other children through collaboration and building big, stable masterpieces
    • Builds a sense of pride through communication and interaction as children share discuss and solve problems together.
    • Learn the fundamentals of engineering by creating support structures of large buildings.
    • Expand vocabulary by discussing the size, shape, colors, comparisons and other aspects of building.
    • Learn math through experience by grouping, planning, adding, subtracting, and multiplying their building resources.
    • Explore concepts that involve modular reasoning, building, perspective, logarithms, algorithms and creative reasoning.
    • Experience engineering and physics as they play tug-of-war with gravity, weight, balance and stability.
    • Develop skills and imagination such as cause and effect, problem solving, classification skills and critical thinking.
    • Enhanced sense of pride through building large and stable structures.
    • Make discoveries and have "Aha" moments not possible to create without hands-on experiences.
    • Allow for "what if" trial and error to see what works (and doesn't).
    • Develop goal making and planning skills.
    • Learng to work together as the a way to accomplish tasks.


  • Decorate and adorn their creation with figures and other materials.

Happy Building

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