If you can dream it, you can build it!

How To Create a Toy in a Nutshell

New product ideas can come from almost anywhere. Like many of the most successful consumer products, our idea for a new...
kids on screens

5 Quick Ways to Reduce Screen-time

Not only are screens here to stay, but the digital world will continue to rapidly evolve with new devices and new ways to draw our children's attention from the world around them
brackitz elephant

Executive Toys for Restless Adults

Used appropriately (and not just as a distraction), toys can facilitate production.

girl doing math

Keeping Teens Interested in STEM

Algebra for all. Algebra is the single most reliable indicator of whether or not a person will pursue a career in math and science.
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Best Customer Validation - Brackitz STEM Education Toy

No matter how much you do of the above and the fact that people buy them and say great things, you always wonder if there was some influence involved or people are just being nice.

What Does Connect-Anywhere Mean?

What Does Connect-Anywhere Mean?

Brackitz have two main parts - planks and connectors.  There are two types of planks - short ones and long ones. 

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