Take the Guesswork Out of Holiday Toy Shopping

Take the Guesswork Out of Holiday Toy Shopping

Looking for a Holiday Gift?

Why not simplify your shopping toy list with a single stop at  Brackitz.com with fast& FREE shipping on all orders and a FREE gift with every purchase! From construction buffs to bug lovers, racing enthusiasts, and more, we've got engineering and learning toys for boys and girls that are sure to delight AND provide hours of fun all year long. So, stop wasting money on those one-and-dones, here-today-gone-tomorrow hype gifts – this year, give the gift of total engagement, creativity, and STEM learning, with Brackitz building toy.


Here are some ideas for your gift-giving for the kid who...

...Loves to explore everything:

NEW Mini STEAM Center, 204-Piece Set

This wonderfully designed toy has 204 pieces, a reusable plastic container, and comes with all of our most popular series. NEW Mini STEAM Center is a building kit with everything: large planks, connectors, and parts for driving, pulleys, and toy gears. This building set offers hours of STEM learning alone or with a parent while playing, designed to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Great for kids aged 3-12.


...Stops to stare at every construction site

NEW Build Big! Simple Machines Pulleys & Wheels Set

No hard hat required with the  NEW Build Big! Simple Machines: Pulleys & Wheels 90-Piece set. This impressive STEM toy construction set is designed to build fine motor skills. It includes 90-Pieces, so kids attach planks, connectors, zip lines, buckets, axles, hubs, hooks, cranks, string, and more to build simple machines, including zip lines, escalators, pulleys, and other cranking contraptions that haul, lift, slide, and move. 


Brackitz Inventor 170-Piece Set

Children learn how to connect the large block pieces while their imaginations run free. The Inventor 170-Piece building set for kids is designed with one purpose in mind — to help your children exercise invention skills. It's time to spark creativity and problem-solving skills in your children or grandchildren, and it starts with the  Brackitz Inventor 170-Piece Set. Lots of pieces to build big!


...Catches creepy crawlies:

Itty-Bitty bug lovers will delight in the Oppenheim platinum Toy award-winning  Brackitz Bugz 47-PiecePlay Park or, for more fun, the Brackitz 96-Piece Race Park! These toys for girls and boys are sturdy and includes pieces that come together to create crazy obstacles and mazes for, you guessed it, a bug! Build a Toppling Tower, Super Spinner, or make your own, custom creations – then release the included motorized bug and see if it can navigate your course without crashing. Mix and match with other Brackitz sets for an even more challenging park!


...Loves physics and how things work:

-The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio calls this set "physics for beginners." The Brackitz Pulley 77-Piece Set, as a perfect building toy for 7-9-year-olds, the ideal age group for this set with sophisticated STEM learning built-in. This set is the best educational and construction toy for 3 years running!


...Could already navigate the NASCAR Course:

Winner of the 2019 Tillywig Creative Fun Award! Perfect for boys and girls between the ages of three and six, the  Brackitz 43-Piece Driver Set takes STEM toys and block play to a whole new level of fun. Kids can build cars, trucks, go-karts, and more, all the while learning how axles and different vehicular mechanics work. Brackitz building block kids are a great way to improve fine motor skills and fun and educational.  Set creativity and STEM learning skills in motion with the ! Builders assemble planks, connectors, wheels, spools, axles, and hubs, then launch their vehicles using the included rubber bands. From custom cars to airplanes and rocket ships, the sky's the limit! 


Marches to the beat of his own drum:

Children learn how to connect the large block pieces while their imaginations run free. The  Brackitz Inventor 100-Piece Creative Toy set is designed with one purpose in mind — to help your child exercise invention skills No directions? No problem! Creative builders can construct anything they can imagine – seriously, anything! – With this 100-piece set of planks and connectors. Perfect for pie-in-the-sky, throw-caution-to-the-wind, what-happens-if-we-try-this? out-of-the-box thinkers, there is no limit to the fun and imagination.  Mix and match with other Brackitz construction sets for an even bigger construction site!  Add the Cool Driving Parts Expansion Set or the Pulleys 21-Piece Expansion Set (sold separately) for even more fast-action racing fun.



For the teachers That Shape Your Kiddos Minds Every Day:

Don't forget your child's teachers! Brackitz Education sets are classroom toys that are a perfect way to say thank you, happy holidays, and this' ll-keep-your-students-busy-so-you-can-run-to-the-restroom.  The Brackitz Educational Structure Building Set or the NEW Mini STEAM Center. Both come with free downloadable instructions and includes a sturdy, plastic container for storage and transport.


Unleash Their Creative Power:

Whether it is your daughter, grandson, niece, or your favorite teacher, let Brackitz 2019 Gift Guide help you provide an educational toy that is a unique and fun toy building experience where kids can create, build, and engineer anything they can imagine.


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