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Brackitz pulleys

A benchmark of excellence with consumers, toy makers, and the media, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has been evaluating toys since 1994. The mother/daughter duo evaluates thousands of toys each year, appearing on Oprah, CNN, NBC Nightly News, World News Tonight, MSNBC, and NBC’s Today Show to share their findings. Millions of parents rely on their recommendations to select engaging, age-appropriate toys for their children.

And, unlike most other groups that rate products, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio does not charge entry fees from manufacturers. When consumers see their award seals on products, they can be assured that they are "award-winning" because they were selected by an unbiased expert in child development, children's literature, or education, and further tested by the most objective panel of judges-kids.

And what are these unbiased experts and tough kid testers recommending this holiday season? Why, the Brackitz Bugz Playpark and the Brackitz Pulley Set, of course! The experts at The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio have awarded the Brackitz Bugz Playpark their highest honor –the Platinum Toy Award!


Exciting Educational Toy

Their testers used the 47 connectable pieces of the Brackitz Bugz and Play Park and motorized bug to build Toppling Towers, Super Spinners, and 20 other obstacles, as well as their own, custom creations for the included, vibrating bug (with swappable skins, no less!). The set was so engaging that it beat out hundreds of others in pursuit of the elusive Platinum Toy Award.

Said the reviewer,

“We put the yellow balls inside one maze we built and watched the bug push the balls aside as it found the one crack in the wall to make its daring escape.”

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio recommends the Brackitz Bugz Playpark for older early school kids, ages 5-7. And if they’re recommending it, it’s got to be good. 

Building STEM Toy

- Call it physics for beginners, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio recommends the Brackitz Pulley Setas a perfect building toy for 7-9-year-olds, the perfect age group for this set with complex STEM learning built in. 


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