What Does Connect-Anywhere Mean?

What Does Connect-Anywhere Mean?


So, you mean we can attach Brackitz to our wi-fi?

Now that would spoil all the creative fun!

Brackitz have two main parts - planks and connectors. There are two types of planks - short ones and long ones. For the connectors, there are two main types 3-way and 4- way connectors.  Brackitz attach to traditional planks at any point, any angle, enabling builders to design any structure they can imagine.

Most connecting toys do not give you this ability. Most building toys only allow the user to connect at very specific spots, so you are limited in what you can build.  Because of the ability to connect anywhere, you can make any type of structure that you can imagine encouraging imagination. Also, because Brackitz are strong, you can make structures that are very tall and strong, using an engineering principle while you play.

Brackitz’ large planks and connectors are simple enough for young children to attach and grow with the child as they’re able to imagine and design more complex creations.

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