Children building Brackitz together.

How Can Teachers Build SEL in the Classroom

One simple little smile and hello does wonders for a young child who is already have a bad day. 
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Boy building Brackitz structure.

Why Are Open-Ended Toys Better For Your Students?

Speech pathologists recommend open-ended toys like wooden blocks to encourage imaginative play, language, and fine gross-motor.

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girl building large Brackitz structure

The 5 Best Ways to Improve Spatial Skills in Children

Not only does such an ability lend itself to success in mathematics, the STEM fields, and many other careers that require high spatial aptitude .......
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Children Building Bracktiz

How One Teacher Aids STEM Education With Storytelling

Lev Fruchter is the founder of StoryCode, a curriculum that combines literature and computer programming. 
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Teacher instructing students with Bracktiz.

Little Known Ways to Help Young Students Understand Engineering

As scientists and researchers find that STEM importance is on the rise, educators and parents wonder how to improve STEM familiarity with young children.
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From Knights on White Horses to Pretty Pink Lab Coats – How Far We Haven’t Come!

From Knights on White Horses to Pretty Pink Lab Coats – How Far We Haven’t Come!

 If the goal is to build a culture of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and inventors, every child, regardless of gender, must be free to pursue their own....
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girl building Brackitz structure

Keeping Teen Students Interested in STEM

Brackitz is the only construction and building toy that actually lets kids design any structure they envision-anything!
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Brackitz Building Toy - SEL

Building SEL Skills Improves Our Overall Development

Over half of the world’s schools aren’t teaching children what they need to continue their cognitive and emotional skills after they leave home.
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Bring Balance to Back to School Time

Bring Balance to Back to School Time sure to give your kids plenty of unstructured playtime after school and on the weekends...

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two girls talking about Brackitz toy

What is STEAM Education?

The spirit of STEAM is to foster a sense of independent exploration. The exploration allows students to utilize all subjects...
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