Creative Hero Ambassadors

Want to become a Brackitz Creative Hero Ambassador?

What is a Creative Hero Ambassador?

Creativity, building, and inventing are some of our many passions at Brackitz. Our Creative Hero Ambassadors share some of those passions along with many more. Just take Maya for example. In order to become an Ambassador for Brackitz, you have to love building, creating, inventing, learning, crafting... And you have to love Brackitz!

What do Creative Hero Ambassadors get?

Many, many cool things but among them:

  • FREE Brackitz toys!
  • FREE Brackitz goodies like shirts, stickers, and more!
  • First access to the newest inventions from our inventor lab in Denver, CO.

What do Ambassadors have to do?

As an ambassador for Brackitz, we want you to be the best Creative Hero you can be. And while you're focused on being a Creative Hero, we want to tell the Brackitz community all about you. That means we want to share your stories, pictures, creations, funny moments, and more to our friends via social media, email, and other forms of sharing. We will ask for your help sharing content monthly. This may mean you posting to our page on social media or simply sharing a picture that we can post ourselves.

How many Creative Heroes are there?

We're looking for around five Creative Heroes to join our ranks so be sure to apply quickly before space fills up!

How does the application process work?

Once we receive your application, please allow a few business days for us to be in touch with you. We will follow up with an email asking for a bit more information about you and your Creative Hero.

So, does this sound like you and your kids?



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