What can students create with Brackitz? They can invent anything they can imagine. Brackitz opens a world of discovery and “Aha!” learning with planks and connecting hubs that spark imagination and creativity. They can create 3D structures, simple machines, animals, buildings and more. And as they build, they’re immersed in design thinking, creativity, and the foundations of math, science, architecture and engineering. Research shows they’ll also grow spatial reasoning skills along the way to boost STEAM achievement.


Watch Learning Come Together

With Brackitz planks and connecting hubs, it’s easy to connect pieces anywhere, at any angle. No barriers. No limitations. The inventions and simples machines kids make are durable and portable. And the learning lasts a lifetime.

Brackitz Belongs Everywhere There's Learning

From early learning environments to K-8 schools, libraries to community centers, Brackitz can unleash the creativity in every child. Lesson plans make it easy for teachers to integrate Brackitz projects into core learning.


For activity centers, small group and independent learning, Brackitz helps students grow their essential design thinking, collaboration and hands-on learning skills.

STEAM + More

Designing and creating simple machines and structures introduces children to real-world STEM and STEAM possibilities.


In school and public libraries, maker spaces are more engaging when children can build big ideas with Brackitz.

Before/After School Programs

Enrich student learning and reinforce the wonder of creativity with open-ended Brackitz projects.

Just for Education

Structures $199.99 USD
Wheels & Axles $149.99 USD
Pulleys & Cranks $149.99 USD
Gears, Sprockets & Chains $149.99 USD
The Complete STEAM Center $649.99 USD
"We were blown away by Brackitz because of the simplicity and quality of the challenge. Overall, we were impressed with the product as a teaching tool that allows for cross-curricular learning, exploration, problem solving and engineering."

MARGARET Science & Tech Teacher Emeritus
October 2017

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