Brackitz Reseller Kit

Please feel free to use any of our assets in coordination with our products. We ask that you refrain from changing or altering our assets in any way that does not promote the Brackitz product or brand in a positive way.  Thank you!

Photos  - These are on a Google Drive.
Here is a video that explains the history of Brackitz and why our unique "connect anywhere system" is great for building anything you can imagine.
A 45-second video interviewing, teachers and administrators in the Granite School District in Salt Lake City of why they love Brackitz in their schools. Here is a longer video of Brackitz Case Study: STEM Education K-6th Grade

Building a Spatial Education: Construction and Building Systems Are the Foundation by Brian N. Verdine, Ph.D. from the University of Delaware.  Brian discusses the benefits of teaching spacial skills in the classroom, how teachers can implement spacial skill learning, and why Brackitz is a great tool for teaching this fundamental skill.   

We currently have one unit with five lessons Pre-K and Kindergarten complete and available to teachers. Units 2-5 are currently in development.  Each of the units will correspond to a different product.  Five units for grades 1-6 are currently in development and expected in early March.  All of the lesson plans correspond to a product, are all-inclusive lesson plans, and map to current scope and sequence for NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), Common Core, and ECERS-R (Early Childhood Environment Ratings Scale-Revised)

“The Ski Jump,” which teaches the physics of ski jumps is a great lesson for older students.  We had the pleasure of testing this lesson in a middle school in Kerrville, TX last fall where Brackitz were a hit with the teachers and students alike.

Here is a document with all of the links that you may need. If you require any assistance or any other links, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

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We would love to spread the word on these new Brackitz products. We are open to any other creative ideas you have to further our partnership. 
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