Conditions for Social Influencers

The cooperation with Social Influencers takes place with Brackitz/Building Creative Kids LLC. Persons older than 18 have the right to partner with Brackitz/Building Creative Kids LLC. Employees of the company Brackitz/Building Creative Kids LLC, their family members and other persons involved in the execution of the cooperation are excluded from participation.


To apply for a collaboration, Social Influencer Sign Up Form must be completed and submitted. Partnerships are selected from all applications of bloggers received.

Brackitz/Building Creative Kids, LLC reserves the right to use the product for other collaborations or internal processes. Each selected partner has 14 days (or an agreed period) to place photos, reports and/or agreed actions on the selected product on the relevant blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram page and/or Facebook page. The cooperation partner is obligated to not place any illegal content, in particular to refrain from false accusations or facts. After publication of a contribution that meets the requirements mentioned and after the link to the contribution has been sent, the cooperation partner can keep the product.

Privacy policy

The data protection rules are respected during the collection, processing and use of the participant’s personal data by Brackitz/Building Creative Kids, LLC. By completing the form, the participant agrees to the storage and use of his/her personal data for the implementation and processing of the cooperation by

Brackitz/Building Creative Kids, LLC. The personal details are not used for promotional purposes. The participant can withdraw the consent at any time and thus withdraw the cooperation and/or registration in the file. The revocation must be sent to:

Exclusion of collaboration

Brackitz/Building Creative Kids, LLC can exclude applicants from any cooperation that is in conflict with the general terms and conditions or in case of false personal data. If there is an exclusionary reason, Brackitz/Building Creative Kids, LLC can refuse participation confirmations and reclaim products that have already been delivered. Additions and changes must be made in writing in order to be effective.


Legal process is excluded.

Brackitz/Building Creative Kids, LLC has the right to prematurely terminate a collaboration at any time. In the event of inefficiency of a regulation of these participation conditions, the validity of the other regulations will not be affected. The conditions for cooperation can be changed at any time without prior notice and reasons. Additions and changes must be made in writing in order to be effective.



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