Brackitz Inventor 170 Piece Set


Build any structure you can imagine.

This set includes 170 pieces:

     40 Long Blue Planks
     40 Short Blue Planks
 11 Blue 4-Way Connectors
 11 Orange 4-Way Connectors
 11 Green 4-Way Connectors
 11 Red 3-Way Connectors
 11 Yellow 3-Way Connectors
 11 Purple 3-Way Connectors
 24 Magenta Motion Connectors
  • Unique connect-anywhere system
  • Allows builders of all ages to design and construct any structure they can imagine
  • Fun for all ages - simple enough for young children, expands as they grow older, even adults
  • Collaborative - children learn social skills through play
  • Learn through play - engineering, math, art, architecture, science
  • Used in classrooms, pre-k through high school, museums and homes around the world
  • Strong and Durable - build gravity-defying 3-D structures
  • Made in the USA

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