Brackitz Educational 320 Piece Set


The Brackitz 320 Education Center is primarily for classrooms, camps, and museum exhibits. But, shhh....we won't tell anyone if you want this for your playroom.

This set includes 320 pieces:

     75 Long Blue Planks
     75 Short Blue Planks
 60 Blue, Orange, and Green  4-Way Connectors
60 Red, Yellow, and Purple 3-Way Connectors
 50 Magenta Motion Connectors
 Full Teacher Activity Guide
 Durable, stackable, and safe storage bin with handles and wheels
  • Unique connect-anywhere system
  • Allows builders of all ages to design and construct any structure they can imagine
  • Fun for all ages - simple enough for young children, expands as they grow older, even adults
  • Collaborative - children learn social skills through play
  • Learn through play - engineering, math, art, architecture, science
  • Used in classrooms, pre-k through high school, museums and homes around the world
  • Strong and Durable - build gravity-defying 3-D structures
  • Made in the USA




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